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Black Marble

"And Jesus said, I have come to give you Life, and that more Abundantly."


"The Year of The Pivot!"

Greetings from Our Senior Pastor:

Hey Thank You for stoping by our site. I ask that you pardon us as we are in the process of making changes and updating things.

If you have any questions, concerns or need help in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know .

Dr. L. D. Sims

LC Sunday Flyer - Weekly2.png

Join Us 
for one of our Weekly

Empowerment Opportunities

sunday worship experience
Wednesday night bible study:
Mid-Week Empowerment @7pm

LC Bible Study - Weekly.png
Silhouettes of the Crowds

Our Core Values:

Love - Discipleship - Prayer


We are Currently looking for Kingdom Minded Individuals for the following positions:

Musicians & Singers                                                Outreach & Evangelism Team Members

Intercessors & Prayer Warriors                            Leadership Team Members

Media Ministry Workers (Social Media & A/V)

Administration Personnel                                      Small Group Leaders

Youth Workers                                                         And MUCH MORE!!!

If you are interested in joining the Life Team,
Please email your contact info to:

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