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Our Values

Our Core Values 



We Love First because God First Loved us and we understand it’s through Love and Kindness we are drawn to Christ. 



We Disciple because we understand and have the commitment to do more than exist just to follow a set of rules, but rather submit to God’s purpose for our lives and accomplish His mission for us.

Other Supporting Values


We are accountable to God and one another. 


Prayer & Consecration 

We live a prayerful and consecrated life so that God can use us at our fullest capacity. 


Evangelism & Outreach 

We understand we are not exclusive, and we want everyone to have to have an opportunity to know Jesus. 




We live in knowledge every day that God can and will provide and perform His word in our lives and without this trust and belief, we cannot please him. 



We believe strong families build a strong church. 



We understand that we are better, stronger and more effective together. 


Holy & Righteous Living 

We believe our greatest expression of worship is the life we live and our ability to live it as Christ instructs us to. 

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